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Our mission

Making the world a better meeting place

We believe that every chairman, minute taker and participant should be unburdened with at least the administrative part of meetings. By automating the proces you can save up much time and it makes prepping the meeting much easier. At the start of the meeting, a lot has already been worked out and you can accurately analyze the things you need to do.

8.000+ Users of our software

50.000+ Meetings structured

260.000+ Tasks completed

4.500+ Organizations have started

Meet our team

  • Dion Duimel

    CEO & founder

  • Koen Lavrijssen

    CTO & architect

  • Rik van de Looi

    Lead developer

  • Daan Schoofs

    Finance & strategy

  • Sven Zahharov


  • David Schulpen


Our trainers

Dion Duimel and Rob de Haas have years of experience in breaking through everyday patterns. Dion focuses on the software training where Rob focuses more on the content side.

  • Dion Duimel

    Founder / CEO

    As founder of Topical, Dion is an expert in structuring and optimizing your meeting process. Meetings gave us a lot of frustrations: ill-prepared attendees, waste of time in taking minutes, not following up on actions and eventually it was not always easy to find important information from previous meetings. Since 2018, we have been solving this problem with an easy-to-use online solution: Topical.

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  • Dion Duimel meeting expert

    Rob de Haas

    Trainer / Vergaderexpert

    As a writer and speaker, Rob de Haas is an authority on meeting design and business creativity. He has inspired and trained more than 25,000 people worldwide in business creativity, leadership and effective meetings. In addition, he regularly chairs the day with an inimitable playful seriousness.

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In this turbulent time, meetings are a great hold for many professionals; provided they are inspiring and energetic. Good meetings turn out to be a fantastic source of inspiration to feel connected to your team and the assignment you are facing. How does the team experience the quality and added value of the consultations and meetings, and what could really be improved? Based on the tripartite 'warm-up, the match and the cool-down', we discuss smart tools and state-of-art insights that you can immediately apply in everyday practice.

Rob de Haas
Inspirator, meeting designer and trainer/coach


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

We don't document everything that is discussed, but focus on the actions. The actions are consistently followed up on with the software.

Dave van den Akker


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