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Psychological safety


by Rob
up to 15 participants
Professional teams, team leaders, managers, and executives who lead many meetings.
2 half-day sessions.
€ 375 per person

How about inclusivity? How about safety?

3 out of 10 Dutch people display introverted behavior in large groups. In mixed company, men have 75% of the speaking time, women 25%. The chance that women will be interrupted is 50%. Men and women interrupt women 30% more than they interrupt men. And when women speak, they are usually not taken seriously. Men talk through women's speaking time much more often than vice versa.

30% of all Dutch people display introverted behavior in large groups. So, you don't hear or hardly hear them in meetings with 9+ participants. Conscious and unconscious group pressure for the sake of unanimity or desired political correctness undermines candid speaking.

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Psychological safety

Do we dare to say what we think? And is it okay to ask for attention when you feel that something is really wrong? It is difficult to give everyone the right attention during a meeting. Psychological (and social) safety is the foundation for feeling good in the group, which allows you to take interpersonal risks. We are at our best in a safe, trusted environment. The greater the insecurity, the weaker the decisions, and their implementation.

Based on innovative insights and our shared stories, we explore how safe and open our meetings are. You will learn about and reflect on the application of a number of proven techniques and interventions that can help you permanently increase the psychological and social safety within your meetings.

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Duration: 2 sessions

Participant profile: exploratory, open-minded, and eager to learn.

Group size: minimum 10, maximum 15.

Training cost per participant: €375,-- ex. VAT and travel expenses (€0.40/km)

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