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Masterclass Turmoil in the boardroom!

360 graden doorbraak van onhoudbare vergadercultuur

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Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Topical Meeting Software - Stop the meeting madness

Stop the meeting madness

The board or executive team has been grumbling for a while about endless and indecisive meetings; they have tried taking minutes, having shorter meetings, standing or not having meetings at all. But nothing really works. The urgency is high, they are extremely annoyed with the endless discussions and boring presentations. The team wants to radically break from their current meeting habits, but they don't know how. And they want to do it now, fully aware that the current times require a completely different approach to meetings.

Topical Meeting Software - Goal


Goal: Breakthrough-oriented redesign of existing meeting culture and structure, in line with the current dynamics of the organization and the team, with the aim of creating energetic and productive meetings for sustainable success in the hybrid world.

For who? Executive teams and board members of organizations who are looking for energetic and productive meetings that will contribute to their long-term success in the hybrid world.

Topical Meeting Software - Method


Through analysis, observation, feedback, and advice, the current meeting habits will be radically and fearlessly pruned back to the core values of the organization and the team. Together, we will design a set of "meeting principles" and the most common discussions that can be applied both on- and offline, synchronously and asynchronously.

Turmoil in the boardroom!

Masterclass by Rob
Break everyday patterns and stop the meetings madness.
Executive and board team
Professional teams, team leaders, managers, and executives who lead many meetings.
3 days on location, 2 days remote
On request
100% result
Break everyday patterns and stop excessive meetings.

Break-through everyday patterns and get the most out of your meetings by breaking everyday patterns.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

Great mix of theoretical insights and practical tips on meetings and hybrid working. Nice work forms to gather ideas on collaboration in the hybrid work environment. Fun metaphors that can be easily applied. Thank you again for the lecture.

Manfred Besselink