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How A Solution manages up to 60 clients in Topical

A Solution is the agency for associations and foundations. Specifically, the agency works for commercial associations. Board members have busy jobs, which sometimes makes voluntary management of the association difficult. On the other hand, the associations are too small for their own office. By taking on the daily tasks of board members, A Solution allows them to focus on strategic issues. A personal approach with customization is what A Solution stands for.

Founder Anita Buiteman was the only employee of A Solution during the first five years. The successful agency has now grown to an organization with 7 employees. More people and more customers naturally mean more complex processes. In order to maintain overview and efficiency, A Solution started using Topical in 2021. With 58 users, the tool has become indispensable in the daily routine of the organization.

Automate the meeting process

One of the services of A Solution is to manage the meeting process of their clients. They create the agenda, take minutes during the meeting, and ensure a proper follow-up with action and decision lists.

After trying Topical, Anita was quickly very enthusiastic about the tool. A Solution used to work with Word: “There were often three documents per meeting. One with the agenda, one with the minutes, and an additional one with the action and decision lists. Topical is obviously much more efficient.”

Many benefits

One of the great benefits of Topical, according to Anita, is the insight into information: “When we’re in a meeting and there’s uncertainty about why something was decided, I don’t have to go through a complicated search. I click on the action or decision, and then I immediately see in the corresponding minutes why it was decided.” A Solution also saves a lot of time by using templates: “We don’t have to create a new agenda every time.” Templates offer many more benefits as well.

More efficiency

In short, A Solution works much more efficiently with Topical. If Anita were to look at it purely commercially, she could say that it hurts her business: “We work on an hourly basis, but Topical allows us to finish much faster. That means we can invoice fewer hours.” Fortunately, pure commerce is not what A Solution is about: “We focus on what the customer needs. If I can finish faster for the customer, that’s only good.”

A Solution x Topical

As Topical, we are of course very pleased that A Solution and their clients benefit from the many advantages. In turn, the A Solution team appreciates the involvement of the Topical team: “They really listen to feedback, and it’s nice that they think along about how to use the tool best.”


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

We work on an hourly basis, but due to Topical, we can finish our work much faster.

Anita Buiteman