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Bonheur Hospitality Group

Within professional organizations, there is a great need for structure, but it seems that this is not always easy to create. This is also the case for Bonheur Horeca Group, a leading organization in Tilburg and the surrounding area for years. Bonheur Horeca Group offers a suitable location for every moment of meeting, celebrating, and doing business, each with its own character and atmosphere.

Nicky Foesenek, commercial director and owner of Bonheur Horeca Group, came into contact with meeting specialist Dion Duimel. Dion is the director of Topical, an online tool that optimizes the meeting process, helping organizations create more structure and efficiency. By using the tool for all forms of meetings, Bonheur Horeca Group has also achieved this efficiency and structure.

This includes:

  • Better prepared participants
  • Shorter meetings
  • Action points that are automatically followed up

Meetings form the foundation of a good flow in an organization. Despite Bonheur Horeca Group being aware of this, they have chosen to continue developing and take the next step.

Moreover, the tool improves internal information provision. “Meetings are easily searchable. You can find important information much faster. With Topical, you link discussion points directly to the right documents, so your colleagues don’t have to search for them themselves.” In short, no more loose Word documents or searches for the right documents on the network drive.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

Firstly, Topical ensures that the flow within the organization is much better. After a meeting, everyone has a clear overview, including an action list. The dashboards and automatic reminders also ensure that everyone completes their actions on time.

Rick Henskens

Operational manager