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Less and better meetings

Save professionals up to 12 hours per week preparing, summarizing and follow-up on meetings.

Connect your digital agenda and task manager, easily schedule multiple meetings ahead and stimulate a better preparation of your team. Limit the net meeting time to the essential and automate the follow-up process.

Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
A proven solution

Less and shorter meetings

With Topical you can easily reduce the net meeting time with 33%. That equals several hours per employee per week! In addition, by gathering input for each meeting asyncronously the actual meeting can take place with less attendees. You and your team will therefore save valuable time that can be spend elsewhere.

Shorter meetings
Less attendees

What are Topical Meetings?

Topical Meeting Software - Less, shorter and goal-oriented

Less, shorter and goal-oriented

With Topical, you can quickly and easily schedule a series of meetings. Send out the invitations and make the necessary preparations. After the meeting you share a PDF report with a personalised action list with all attendees.

Topical Meeting Software - Better preparation

Better preparation

All participants are encouraged to review the agenda and add their preparations in Topical. At the start of the meeting, status updates and announcements are already worked out. This allows you to immediately focus on making decisions and assigning tasks.

Make a text selection and convert that text into an action or decision. Topical takes care of the documentation so that you can quickly retrieve information from past meetings.

Topical Meeting Software - Automate the follow-up

Automate the follow-up

Send a PDF report with a personal action list to each participant to wrap up your meeting. If desired, you can sync your tasks with the Microsoft/Outlook tasks.

If someone forgets their action, Topical sends an email reminder to remind the colleagues. Energetic and result-oriented meetings

Topical Meeting Software - Energetic and result-oriented meetings.

Energetic and result-oriented meetings.

By using Topical, you automate unnecessary manual work, stimulate a better preparation and follow-up on each and every meeting. As a result, your team’s productivity will increase and meetings will be more pleasant. Get started now by booking a demo call or register for a 30-day free trial.

Shorter meetings, better decisions

Who uses Topical?

Board members & directors

Reduce the net meeting time, improved decision making and follow-up


Structure the agendas, retrieve input automatically and easily follow up on outstanding actions.

Administrative Office

Automate the (annual) planning and save time in minute taking and creating reports


Keep a clear overview, quickly retrieve past information and improve the follow-up of actions

Note takers

Type or speak, highlight the action or decision. Generate and share the report directly after your meeting.


Prepare meetings, receive automated reports and e-mail reminders for your actions


What our users say

We don't document everything that is discussed, but focus on the actions. The actions are consistently followed up on with the software.

Dave van den Akker


Kickstart your Meetings

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