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Less and better meetings

Save professionals up to 12 hours per week preparing, summarizing and follow-up on meetings.

Connect your digital agenda and task manager, easily schedule multiple meetings ahead and stimulate a better preparation of your team. Limit the net meeting time to the essential and automate the follow-up process.

Trusted by more than 4,500 innovative organizations

Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
Another happy customer at Topical
A proven solution

Make every meeting count!

Chairmen, managers and secretaries love Topical because it allows them to automate their proces, structure the meetings and follow-up on actions. After a meeting they quickly share a PDF report including all decisions, actions.


Get most out of your meetings

Topical for...

Board members & directors

Reduce the net meeting time by bringing more structure, better preparation, and less need to search for information.


Are meetings within your department sometimes a mess, leading to unmet targets? With Topical, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly again!

Administrative Office

Do you organise many meetings? Get started with Topical and automate your workflow.

HR Professionals

For any type of HR meeting, such as job interviews, performance evaluations, and review meetings.


Secure the structure of the meetings within the association, foundation, or network club. Changing of the guard? Easily pass the baton to the successor.

Note takers

Taking minutes in Topical becomes easier and clearer. This way you increase the quality of your work.

How it works

Discover how Topical works and what Topical can do for your organization.

Topical Meeting Software - Use templates for recurring meetings

Step 1: Schedule meetings

Use templates for recurring meetings

Create a template for your recurring meetings, such as management meetings or a general membership meeting.

Schedule recurrent meetings

Reusable agenda templates

Google & Microsoft integration

Step 2: An amazing preparation

Share the agenda with participants at the touch of a button

You can send the agenda to all participants at the touch of a button. Participants are encouraged to provide input in their own time. During the meeting you can now immediately focus on making decisions and assigning tasks.

Improve the preparation

Automatic email functions

Share your attachments

Topical Meeting Software - Split the minutes of the actions and decisions

Step 3: Take minutes, assign actions and mark decisions

Split the minutes of the actions and decisions

During the meeting you can easily and quickly create action items and decisions. This gives you more overview and concrete output that your team can continue with.

Assign and follow-up on actions

Generate and share decisions

Safely stored in the cloud

Topical Meeting Software - Automatically generate a summary with action list

Step 4: Automatic follow-up

Automatically generate a summary with action list

After the meeting, you can send the meeting participants a summary with a personal action list per participant at the touch of a button. You can also display the action list in the platform that your organization already uses for this purpose via our links with Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, Trello and Slack, among others.

Generate and share a report

Easily follow-up on action points

Email reminders

Topical Meeting Software - Smart search function

Step 5: Quickly retrieve past information

Smart search function

With Topical you can quickly find information from the past. Search through all meetings or a specific group of meetings. Narrow down the results with more filters and click to view the context of a search result.

Quickly search through past meetings

Save time and money

Improved decision making

Create your workflows, schedule meetings within seconds and stimulate a good preparation for all attendees.

Safely in the cloud
100% GDPR-proof
Integrate with Google / Microsoft
No installation required
No credit card required
Try 30 days for free

Success stories

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We have worked with thousands of amazing people

We don't document everything that is discussed, but focus on the actions. The actions are consistently followed up on with the software.

Dave van den Akker


Kickstart your Meetings

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