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Notulen Software is now Topical

Notulen Software has recently changed its name to Topical. This name change reflects the company’s renewed focus on providing software solutions for efficient and effective meeting management.

For those unfamiliar with Notulen Software, it is a platform that enabled users to take notes and prepare meetings together. The platform was designed to streamline meeting processes and make it easier for users to organize and share meeting notes with team members.

Topical continues to provide these same features with a more modern and user-friendly interface. Topical is built on the same foundation as Notulen Software, with a renewed focus on enhancing its capabilities and improving its overall performance.

Topical is not just a cosmetic change; it represents a new chapter in the company’s growth and evolution. Topical has set out to provide an all-in-one solution for efficient meeting management, with features like agenda templates, collaborative note-taking, action item tracking and meeting analytics.

The rebranding process has been a thoughtful and strategic one, involving extensive research and development. The Topical team has worked hard to ensure that the new name and branding effectively communicate the company’s values and goals to its customers and prospects.

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Stop wasting time and money

Most meetings are not productive...

We are actually quite crazy about meetings. Most meetings are similar: A majority of people don't really want to go, but they would hate it if they were not invited.

65 % of all meetings are interrupting my work

71 % of the meetings are not productive

64 % of all meetings are at the expense of 'deep work' tasks

62 % of all meetings are missed opportunities to strengthen team spirit

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We don't document everything that is discussed, but focus on the actions. The actions are consistently followed up on with the software.

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