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71% of the meetings are not productive

Everyone who has worked in an office knows how detrimental it is to productivity when people have to interrupt their work a few times a day for a meeting about status updates, an email that has already been sent, or a colleague’s birthday. Efficient meetings are hard to come by in many companies.

Maybe you think that a few half-hour meetings throughout the day can’t hurt. So what should we do, not communicate sometimes?

That last question is addressed later on. However, a few short meetings throughout the day can indeed be harmful, as the following shows.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey of over 180 senior managers:

65% say they don’t get their own work done because of all the meetings.

71% find meetings unproductive and inefficient.

64% say meetings detract from serious thinking.

These unproductive meetings cost companies money.

But who is actually responsible for all those annoying, expensive, momentum-disrupting meetings?

You are.

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Stop wasting time and money

Most meetings are not productive...

We are actually quite crazy about meetings. Most meetings are similar: A majority of people don't really want to go, but they would hate it if they were not invited.

65 % of all meetings are interrupting my work

71 % of the meetings are not productive

64 % of all meetings are at the expense of 'deep work' tasks

62 % of all meetings are missed opportunities to strengthen team spirit

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